Thea Frey – Biography

A native of Zürich, Switzerland, where she received her training as a teacher, a dancer and a Gestalttherapist, Thea lived, studied and worked for 25 years in the United States of America, especially in New York City ands in California. Since 2008 she mostly spends time in Switzerland. Thea studied in variety of fields such as music, arts, sports, karate, psychology and education, contemporary dance, yoga and Gestalt therapy.
In 1983 Thea followed her dream to America to broaden her personal and professional horizon. For 10 years she was in close contact with pioneer in experimental dance and theater and dance as a healing art, Anna Halprin, California (USA). She studied and performed with her, assisted in workshops and in many “Circle the Earth” dance rituals, Halrins large scale dance creation for peace.
Thea completed the two - year fulltime training in life / art process and Expressive Arts Therapy at Tamalpa Institut, California, with Anna Halprin and Daria Halprin.Thereafter she instructed movement ritual and danceexplorations at the institut. In 1995 Thea Frey acted as artistic director of “Circle the Earth”, Anna Halprins’ dance for peace, in Winterthur, Zürich, Switzerland.
In New York Thea Frey trained in her passion, the theater arts, and studied acting, singing voice, musical theater and the art of playwriting. She also deepened her practice in Yoga, dance and karate. Thea taught Energy Yoga for more than 15 years at famous Dance New Amsterdam (formerly Dance Space Center ) in New York City, she also lead workshops in dance and life/art process for people of all walks of life and she taught karate for kids. Thea performed on various occasions as a solo dancer and presented her creations, which are a synchronisation of dance and her lifesize paintings.
Thea Frey holds a masters degree in movement oriented Expressive Arts Therapie, she is a certified Yogainstructor (RYT), a Halprin Practitioner and movement therapist (RMT). She also has a black belt in karate. Thea is a singer, dancer, actress and performance artist as well.
She enjoys to create dance workshops and to teach yogaclasses as well as dance rituals on a large scale. Thea has a very special love for nature and explorations in nature and also for nature dances and nature rituals. Thea performed in Anna Halprins’ video production “nature as a healer” at the wild California north pacifique coast.
For ten years Thea organized and lead the Naturdance workshop in remote Alpe Doro,Ticino, Switzerland, an extraordinary seminar in dance, life/art process, creative writing, meditation, yoga and drawing in relation to the individual experience with the nature environment in the wild mountains of Alpe Doro.
Thea Frey works as movement oriented Expressive Arts Therapist and as a yogainstructor in private practice.
She published her first book Soul’s Dance, a work on dance and movement as a healing force, which will soon come out in German.